NYS Dept. of Health Certified Backflow Tester

Pressure Vacuum Breaker


The PVB is quickly becoming the new form of backflow prevention on the island as many municipalities and towns are requiring these to be installed outside now. Although they are the lowest form of protection out of the 3 we have listed here, towns and local water authorities deem them necessary per code. Many areas do not require annual testing.

Double Check Valve


The DCV is the most common form of backflow prevention on the island. This device is an authorized containment device in the State of NY. These devices need to be tested annually and are required to be installed on irrigation systems to promote the safe use of water which is the direct responsibility of the home owner or business owner. 

Reduced Pressure Zone


The RPZ valve holds the best level of protection when it comes to cross connection contamination when dealing with water. Unless a sprinkler system is being injected with fertilizer or other contaminates, it is very rare to see one installed. These devices, like the DCV, need to be tested annually. 

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